The set up has been built to efficiently develop, pack and supply Agriculture Equipment Casting Products, Butterfly Valve Casting Products, Auto Casting Products, etc. The set up includes specific space for Wax Pattern Injection, Wax Pattern Assembly, Wax Pattern Cleaning, Wax Pattern Inspection, Primary Coating, Backup Coating, Shell Drying and Dewaxing. It also includes set up for Plazma/ Gas/ Welding-Cutting, Gate Machining, Heat Treatment, Fettling and many other process. In the built set up, we have Induction Furnace, Shell Backing Furnace, Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Mechanical Lab, Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting and many other facilities. 

We also have machines, tools and facilities for Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Proof Machining, Final Inspection and many other works. Below table highlights some other details of our facilities:

Plant Area

11000 square meter of land

Plant Capacity

1200 tons/ annum


More than 120 people

Annual Turnover (2020-21)

1 Million USD

Size Range

600X600X300 mm

Weight Range

4 grams to 100 kg, single piece


As cast and machines condition

Heat Treatment, R&D for Raw Material and Chemical & Mechanical Laboratory


Research and Development

This department allows us to find latest technology and anticipate changes in the market and this motivates us as a manufacturer and supplier. A specific research and development team, working at our premises our customers human as well as technological development support. The team enable our customer care experts in identifying, accessing, and promptly responding to requirements of customers.

Our hardworking R&D experts constantly look for bringing innovations in the casting industry. Be it a is new materials or new concepts, our experts work hard on altering our product lines as well as procedures to fulfill needs of clients, today as well as in future. The hired research and development team also works towards bringing changes in safety requirements and environmental standards so that our products remain ahead of market competition.

Quality Control

We have a dexterous team of professionals including customer & sales support executives, plant employees, supervisors, managers, directors, import/export specialists and quality checkers, who work together to ensure that our products have highest standards in terms of performance, excellence and integrity. 

We work with the goal to maintain a policy of having continual improvement. It is because of this approach that we serve cost-effective and high-quality casting including Butterfly Valve Casting Products, Agriculture Equipment Auto Casting Products, etc. We have set our own in-house quality-control policy and procedures that aid in systematic working and verifying as well as monitoring all the products that we offer. 


In order to check our ability for meeting global quality requirements, we frequently conduct self-audits. We conduct audits with the goal to ensure that we are perfectly equipped for any formal or subsequent audits that can be conducted by regulatory experts.

Zero-Defect Policy

The policy guides experts to ensure that cating material with zero-defect leave our facility. Considering the guidelines of policy, production process takes place and allow us to limit the number of defects in offered range. Further, our quality-control experts strictly inspect, test and evaluate the developed creations to ensure zero defects.

Quality Assurance

To check metallurgical, mechanical and dimensional features of offered castings, we have developed sound facilities. Below bullets are stating that facilities we have in our premises for quality assurance work:

  • German Technology based Spectrometer to gauge chemical properties of cast metals composition.
  • For checking excellent wax pattern quality, we have technologically advanced wax injection machine.
  • To conduct dye penetration test, we have magnetic particle testing machine & facilities.
  • Specific Impact testing machine, Universal testing machine and Leakage pressure testing machine
  • Modern measuring instruments such as standard slip gauges, digital micrometers, digital vernier calipers, digital height gauges, etc.
  • Hardness testing machines of Rockwell and Brinell

To check developed Butterfly Valve Casting Products, Auto Casting Products, Hardware Casting Products, etc., we conduct two types of testing including Destructive Testing and Non-destructive testing. In Destructive Testing, notching impact testing, tensile testing and microstructure and grain testing is done. Whereas in Non-destructive testing, dye penetration, MPI testing, radiographic testing and hardness testing is done as per Vicker, Brinell and Rockwell.

In order to maintain quality and better serve customers, we make use of upgraded ERP system. Further, as per our quality management policy, all the above-mentioned machines, tools and facilities of our company are regularly calibrated in accordance with the market developments and standards. 

Due to our quality focus, we have already earned ISO 9001:2105, PED 2014/68/EU and many other certificates and in coming future, we intent to have SOK, API, IBR, NOR, TS, LLOYD, etc.

Material Grades

In our premises, metal castings are developed in accordance with EN, DIN, ASTM, BS and JIN standards. 



Duplex Steel


Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steel

CB7Cu-2 (15-5PH), CB7Cu-1 (17-4PH)

Carbon Steel


Stainless Steels

CF3, CF3M, CF8, CF8M, CA-15, CA-40, CK3MCuN, CN7M, 440C

Nickel Alloys

M35-1, CW6MC, CW12MW, CZ-100, CU5MCuC, N12MV

Copper Alloys

HTB-1, Gun Metal (85-5-5-5), Phosphorus Bronze, Tin Bronze

Super Alloys

Stellite-12, Stellite -3, Stellite-6, HAST B, HAST C, HAST B3, CZ-100

Process Cycle

Different types of Casting products require different process of manufacturing. At our premises, specific processes are followed for different products development. Below mentioned are the processed that take place in our premises as per product type:

  • Wax Injection
  • Wax Pattern Inspection & Cleaning
  • Wax Pattern Assembly
  • Shell Making
  • De-Waxing
  • Pre-heating of Shell
  • Melting & Pouring
  • Knock out (Shell Removing) and Cutting
  • Heat Treatment
  • Fettling
  • Testing and Final Inspection

Industries We Cater To

Our developed casting products including Auto Casting Products, Butterfly Valve Casting Products, Gas Valve Casting Products, Agriculture Equipment Casting Products, Hardware Casting Products, etc. find their use in many industries. Valve, Automobile, Steel Rolling Mill, Oil & Gas, Pumps and Agriculture & Farming are some of the industries where our products find their use. 

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